Leader of the New School

It’s all LOVE!

37 year old Ono Marchell, college graduate, mother of four and sibling of six enjoys the natural beauty of life and people. Over the years she has gotten in tune with her gift of optimism and not only does she utilize it daily for her own healing, but she also shares her gift with others. CEO of S.M.Y.L.E. Inc. (Schooling Mothers of Youth on Loving Effectively) where she exercises her purpose in helping others evolve their mindset in order to break the cycle of trauma and abuse in our future Generations. Ono Marchell is also the manager of Mindful Connections Company where she invites like-minded black owned Small Business Leaders to apply and join her business model in order to assist putting our people back to work within our own communities. Ono Marchell sets out to publicize her journey in order to inspire others and create a roadmap to help others navigate through the darkness and find their light! Ono Marchell wants to share with us the coping mechanisms that she developed in order to begin her process of healing.

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Email: mindfulconnectionsco@gmail.com

IG @onomarchell

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