Time to take a stand and be strong…we have a voice and we have been holding it back for too long. We can’t just let our ancestors pain be in vain, we can’t just die with regret. If we speak up now let the legacy live on. Let our children not continue to conform to new age slavery and end up working so much that they can’t stay home with their babies. Our children grow so fast right before our eyes…now ask yourself how much time do you really spend holding, kissing and loving your children, see how the man creating these bills so we can’t emotionally and physically be there for our seedlings. Made the father so dependent he ended up in jail when he was just out here trying to get it. They don’t wanna see a strong colored man be better than them. They send your father off to war and turn your mother into a drug fiend. What do we continuously fight for? For another bullshit opportunity from a white man to knock on our door?! Do we understand that this is the white mans war. Sending us to fight for resources for our country to enjoy and we have to keep paying to get more. Paying with our time, blood, sweat and tears…searching for answers, but too afraid to face reality because of our fears. We must stop calling the people crazy who stand on corners and picket outside of buildings…they are simply trying to spread the truth. but you allow the media to tell you it is bad, they are crazy and everything they saying is a spoof. but is it really? because they don’t care if they die trying to get the message through. Too bad it is fallen on death ears because we are too busy listening to our Dre beats, playing on our cell phones and not hearing our ancestors cry to us in our sleep. Technology was created to be sold, and we rather have an android and let our kids be out in the cold. I don’t mean shelter… I mean true meaning of me and of them. They have no choice but to go to school and listen to what their teachers teach them. Who are their teachers anyway?…someone who lives in another city and have no clue what we go through day to day. In the hood, on these streets, hell some selling ass just to eat. I’m done with listening to someone else tell me what I should know about me. Hell my people were brought over from Africa told be a slave or get beat… and you wanna call yourself an American? This corporate lifestyle ain’t for the living, you killing yourself each day just to keep up with what you see on the television. Look within and really ask yourself and am I really living or am I just alive, to answer that you have to look at life with two different sets of eyes. One set is the brainwashed vision, the second set is what will come with wisdom. Continue to seek the truth and you will see, you are a universal treasure…you are all of the answers that you seek…you see… there ain’t no greater than you and me.




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