…but They are Elites

I often feel like I’m an old lady singing the blues, because so many of my people are confused. Waking up everyday to work and rushing home home just to watch the news. To be brainwashed by what they want us to believe as truth. I’m not any smarter than any of you, but I figured out the truth. Like how most of the murderers are actually committed by the men in blue…or should I say men in black…as it seems lately we have foreign cops that have been thrown in our lap. Took an oath to serve and protect, yet so many have been fraudulently misusing their power and our natural born rights they have neglect. Let’s not forget about our loyal soldiers who have been brainwashed and didn’t realize they were signing up to eventually be convinced to turn their backs on us. I used to run to church to pray until I learned that wasn’t the way. I was wondering why my prayers seemed to have not been reaching their destination that the Pastor was preaching. Oh, that’s right what he doesn’t know is his ancestors were robbed by foreigners and forced to believe in a lie then tell us lies as their alibis. If we as slaves didn’t conform to the false teachings, we were then beaten until we were black and blue. Beaten so much we started to believe their stories and beliefs as truth. The white man dying for our sins and one day to come back again. Elites trying to smile in our face and keep us happy with contracts to help provide food and shelter and water in exchange for work…but yet also in exchange for them enforcing rules on how we should raise our children. Forced us to build the roads and highways that we weren’t allowed to use. We couldn’t find a way out so we gave into our fears. Then they chose the most vulnerable in our community and appointed them as leaders in order to have full control. We think that our black leaders have our backs but they are unable to do that. They have to first answer to their father. Father not biological or religious, but the elite that own their names. If we want to see a change it will take the small groups in our community to help us gain back our power… we have to build each other back up until we are strong, because the elite have had their hands in our history for far too long. They put on a facade and pretend to help, when their goal is to really keep us down. Let’s turn our frowns upside down and take back control over our lives. We have been born with gifts and talents that can help us live each day, we don’t have to just work to be broke paying bills…that is not in our African DNA.

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Ono (Naturalobeauty3) Jackson

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