Ever wanted something soooo bad?!

Hey there!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to browse a RV dealership and it was so exciting. If you are familiar with The Secret you know why it was important for my family and I to do this. If you are not familiar, this is a principle called Law of Attraction and it is rather fun if you can let go of your Ego a little. Law of Attraction challenges us to use our imagination to attract the things we want into our lives. It is important to not only come up with goals in our head, but it is also important to write them down as well as imagine having these things already. My family and I always wanted to travel we just didn’t know in what capacity and how we would make a living…so after years of goal setting and brainstorming the Universe created a path for us. We plan to travel the country attending shows where we can display and sell our crafts. Sometimes we believe we are doing everything in our power to get something, but our actions may be sending a different signal to the powers that be. For example, if you want a new car and you are working to save and already have the make and model picked out, but you are cursing the car that you currently own or if you aren’t giving in order to receive…you may find roadblocks that keep getting in the way of your new purchase. Well, you may feel like it is bad luck…but in reality your negative attitude towards what you already have is keeping you from moving up. It is important that we understand life is a journey…like in school…you knew after a lesson is taught, a test will follow. Only here in life, we don’t have to memorize a bunch of nonsense to pass the test, the only obstacle is remaining positive through the times of battle. Going to this RV dealership yesterday allowed me the opportunity to touch, see and feel what I am already planning to own. I was able to imagine life in the future because I inserted the images of my future here in my present. Even before we got to the dealership we sat and pretended how life would be with an RV and being on the road. We imagined the jams we would listen to, the food we would buy, the layout and setup we wanted, the cities we would travel to, the places we want to stay. So once we actually were inside of the RV the picture came to life. This is what is important, you have to make it feel real, you have to set your ego aside and say hey, I can’t get it right now, but there is nothing wrong with having fun imagining that I have it right now. This is the key and also to remain positive and focused on that goal during the process. Hell we need 20% down and 100 points added to our credit score, but we turned it over to the Universe. As long as our intentions are pure and lead with love, it will work out somehow. We aren’t here to figure out the how, we just need to focus on the why and the rest will come in due time. Have fun on this journey. Yes, shit gets rough..but we gotta keep ourselves happy. Don’t turn to alcohol and drugs, turn to inner self love, peace and surround yourself around people that will remind you to stay focused on positive when they see shit getting tough. This is our Universe and we can regain control over life through our thoughts and actions

Peace & Love

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