Let us get back to Love…

We are destroying our chance for survival, we have lost our sense of togetherness and we have become divided. If only we could strip all this shit away that we have been forced to believe in everyday and just believe in love…our community could be a better place. I watched a documentary on how crack made its way into our community and I was FURIOUS! I don’t know about you, but many of my family members were strung out on crack and to know the truth about why and how is makes my blood boil! You can think I’m crazy or whatever, you can defend your government and think they have your best interest in mind if you want. I can’t help but feel in my heart that something about this country ain’t right. I can’t help but think God didn’t create people for the world to end up like this. I can’t help but see how logically the truth I am learning makes so much sense. I’m telling you, since I have been eating better and my third eye is becoming more and more unblocked things are being revealed to me that make so much sense. Since I know my people are still blinded because of the junk they drink and eat it is my duty to help you all realize the truth and maybe you will make the decision to do better by your bodies so you can see what I see. I watched a documentary and I said so you mean to tell me that because Congress wouldn’t give President Reagan money to break into other countries and steal their resources, he decided not only to bring drugs into our community by way of the government and police as genocide…he also had the plan to use the drug money to do what Congress was telling him he couldn’t do. He used the downfall of our community as a way to say ha ha ha to the Congress. The evil doers of the government pretend to be divided and separated so we can pick sides, but in reality all facets of governments and the political parties work together to rule and have complete control. They genetically modify our food so we can’t think for ourselves, then they flash celebrities, clothes, cars, houses and shoes on the television and program us to think we need that to survive. Then once we are sick because of the lab created food they make us addicted to, they flash doctors and prescriptions across the screen and make us believe that is what we need to survive. I am not mad at my people because we were tricked not to know the real. But I am here to teach love and truth. We must get back to the basics. Building our community back up along with our businesses and our health. Our lifestyles must compliment our DNA. We must get back the basics, our ancestors lived in the jungle and thrived off fruits, vegetables and herbs. If we want to have a fighting chance at forming a stronger sense of community we have to make some changes in our lives. Am I perfect and claim to know it all?! Hell no, I struggle everyday with the demons. I crave fries, potato chips, cheese and ice cream. I never smoked crack, but hell being addicted to food is just like a crack addiction and I struggle with withdrawal constantly, but I surround myself around people who are striving to get back to the basics as well and there is no way we can let each other fail. We have to create a better place for our children to grow in and we must not let them be controlled by evil. Look around you and ask yourself who created this furniture, who created these shoes and clothes, who created sports, who created jobs and work, why was money created, who started the banks, does this country really have debt and if so how do they still finance so much materials. Who created the language, who wrote the Bible and why, what really is symbolism, who created words and why do certain words hold so much power. It is really time to turn down the genocide produced by drugs, tainted food, alcohol and television and really begin to think way, way back. I bring this message to you in love and peace and I am begging my people to think and refocus. Let me know your thoughts. Again, this message is not created for those that what to argue my viewpoint, this is created for those that want a better understanding and want to add purpose to their lives.

Peace, Love & Light

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