To my beautiful sisters

This message is just not to my black sisters, this is to my sisters of all shapes, sizes and colors. I have to catch my facial expressions when I’m in public because I see women who don’t realize how beautiful they naturally are because for so many years we have been brainwashed by so many outside influences and tricked into thinking that beauty is nice or expensive name brand clothes and shoes, that beautiful is a face made flawless by many chemicals and covered in makeup, beauty is long straight hair, perfect teeth an average image. We have spent billions over the decades to poison our minds, spirits and bodies with chemicals that not only take away our natural beauty, but also takes away from our health and longevity of life. What is it exactly that we are teaching our younger generations? To spend our hard earned money on products, shoes and clothes with labels of a millionaire. To search for beauty in those on television who have stylists and makeup artists on their staff? Let’s teach our young ladies how to sew and crochet and put their own labels on it and start their own businesses. This is the true schooling and wealth that our community needs. I turn many heads when I’m in public and not just because of my physical attributes, but because women are always so curious about what I use on my skin to make it glow without makeup or how I get my hair to shine. I see women with pounds of make up and inches of weave and I just think like wow if I could help her just for 3 months I can help her make a break through. I don’t say this to put myself above anyone else, I once was blind too! When I first became natural it was simply because I was pregnant and didn’t want to put my unborn child in danger with unnecessary chemicals. After doing it for 10 months I said hell, I can do this. However, I found that I was only confident with kinky twists and micros, once my natural hair was out I had no clue what to do with it. I wasn’t confident in how I looked and felt after having a relaxer for 17 years prior to that moment. It took much research, YouTube, trial and error to get to this point where I am now. The reason women feel comfortable with asking me questions about my natural state is because I try to be a very inviting person and my confident is finally shining through. My message I tell everyone that asks is, my skin and hair shines because I eat food that the Sun shines on! I don’t eat meat, I try to avoid fried foods, I eat my fruits and veggies and I drink plenty of spring water. In our society we are so addicted to thinking products and prescriptions will fix what is broken. Well, the truth is…THEY DON’T! It is up to us to put the right things in our body if we want to feel and look right. I am glad to hear that more people are becoming familiar with Dr. Sebi, he tells us the real about how our lifestyle much match our DNA makeup. Our origins and the foods that were available in our place of origin is what is meant for our bodies. If we come from hot, sunny places and have more melanin in our skin we must steer more towards eating mainly fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. If our place of origin is cold, snowy or icy and we have less melanin in our skin than we must steer towards a diet with veggies, fruits and a lot of fats and plenty of exercise. We must do our research, because this American diet is killing some of us faster than others. We are not American, we must realize that this new society was created and is not original. The closer we become to learning who we really are is when life will begin to change for the better! Stay encouraged and learn to love YOU because I do! Email me if you want help, that is what I am here to do.

Peace & Love

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