I used to worship celebrities

Have you ever cut posters out of magazines and posted them on your walls as a child? The other day I was sitting and cutting out pictures and words from a magazine for my vision board. I couldn’t help but reflect on the days as a child that I used to do this except I was cutting out pictures of celebrities instead of pictures of my vision. I used to buy word up, black hair and right on magazines and post TLC, Brandy, Monica, Total, Puffy, Biggy, Lil Kim amongst others, but my favorite celebrity was Ray J. I had him posted the most along with Brandy because I always said one day she would be my sister in law hahaha. As I was powering up my vision board the other day I remember like WOW! I actually had the opportunity to meet them. Before I left home for college in 2002 I removed the pictures of Brandy and Ray J from my wall and in 2008 I received a phone call from my best friend. At this time I was in a steady relationship and just had a child and I was building my family, my best friend said guess what..I won tickets off the radio to have lunch with Brandy and I wanted to call and ask you if you wanted to be my guest because I’m pretty sure Ray J will be there.Well at the same time my nightly routine was to pick my husband up from work. When I received the call, my husband was sitting right next to me, so I had a hard decision to make. What was more important?! I chose to tell her no because the timing wasn’t good. In the back of my mind, I was screaming “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” “YOU’VE BEEN WAITING YOUR WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT!” However, I wasn’t as thrilled as I thought I would be. Back in the day my fantasy was to be beside Ray J as his wife, the reality was that I would be too shy to eat around him, I would just laugh at him the whole time and then the fun would end because my fantasy wasn’t aligned with my purpose. If I had known enough back then I would have been posting up fashion, landscapes, foreign countries, business offices with scenic views, sewing machines, planets, stars because in reality the things I was waking up and focusing my energy into every morning provided me with false hope and dead end dreams. Now that I look back, I just laugh and give thanks. Let’s stay mindful of what and who we give our precious energy to these days. If we want to get ahead, we have to think ahead and travel ahead. It may get lonely and to most it won’t make sense, but just trust your intuition. Take your own photos and post them in your home or space, put power into your own gifts and talents and focus on what you want and need out of life instead of what others already have. Please share your thoughts. Let me know what you used to post on your walls as a child and have your tastes changed as an adult?

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