Health to me means…

You ask what does health mean to me?! It means being in control of what I put in and on my body. It means breaking free from mental slavery and thinking freely. It means taking my time to do some research because they say all plants don’t grow from the same dirt. How does the old saying go? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but how do we fix being broke due to multiple doctor visits? How do we fix the system when so many people depend on it? The same system that says come see us we can help, there’s a pill for it! When will we learn that it is one big game for them. We trust them, then they scare us, then they give us a solution…turns out the solution was the problem, now we are stuck with a bunch of problems with no real solutions. Any of you ever lived in the “projects”? Why do you think they are called a project…well because they planted us there as we migrated from the South. Gave us guns and drugs…sent our fathers and sons to prison, stripped our rights and through movies, music and television, they introduced us to the street life. Convinced us that we needed to send our children away to school, all so they can conduct experiments and watch us act like fools. So you ask what health means to me, it definitely includes waking my people up to see the truth and light. All along we were lied to about our heritage to eliminate a potential power struggle between good and evil. Now we must use what we learned and show gratitude to the Most High daily. Health to me is the activity of my limbs, the fuel in my soul and the activation of my mind which keeps me strong and in control.

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