Ain’t no shame in saying my name 

My name is Ono, O for optimistic, N for naturally beautiful and O for obviously gifted. S*** my family wasn’t perfect, parents both alcoholics dibbing and dabbing with heroin, cocaine and crack by the time they decided to make a change my Dad was already halfway in his grave. Four years earlier was just saying ONO because my Mom told him so was pregnant, now she was saying ONO because he is gone and ONO didn’t have much time with him. Ain’t no shame in saying my name. Ono is gonna be right, shes got angels camped around her bedside at night. Ono is optimistic so she believes that everything happens for a reason. Kids would tease me and say ONO what kind of name is that?! Now they saying damn look at Ono…baby got back, where you get all that ass at. And now I’m like ONO, I ain’t got time for that! Ain’t no shame in saying my name. Some would say OMG your parents weren’t right for naming you that. I say ONO, my name is special and I love being me. Ono used to just be an expression of surprise until I stepped up on the scene, now I hear in Hawaiian it means good and delicious…so that takes the guessing away just in case you was wondering! ONO she didn’t?! Oh yes she did honey! What I got us better than money, I’ve got wisdom, goals and charm. I’m positive, a good friend and a sexy ass Mom. Not to mention ONO is a wife and I got my husband’s back for life. I can cook, clean and I’m mean in the bedroom if you know what I mean. I’m free spirited and dont let the opinions of others phase me because while my spirit is on full theirs is on empty. My name is ONO and ain’t no shame in it. I’m walking in my purpose, giving back to my community, helping the youth and spitting that truth. I don’t think the world is ready for ONO, that’s why I was popping outta my Momma’s coochy before she could make it to the hospital room. I was coming in fast, but I’m dropping it slow, so I won’t leave anyone behind having a hard time keeping up with my flow. Don’t worry Ono is here now, she can plan your event, be the caterer, the featured speaker, drop some knowledge and this was all before going off to college. So don’t sleep I’m here to open your eyes so that you may be awake. I’m a Goddess and when I move I make an earthquake. I’m here to shake shit up, got my people brainwashed, confused and low on confidence….got me sitting here saying what the fuck?! But no need to fear ONO is here and ain’t no shame in saying my name. Im here to put you up on game. We are powerful, but the TV, food and the corporate system has us feeling ashamed to be our natural self. To willfully go without fast food, cell phone radiation and cable TV programming will help. Learn a new recipe, write and mail a letter, go to the library pick up a book and gain you some knowledge, because you have a special purpose just like me! Break free of that mental slavery. Ain’t no shame in saying my name, say ONO to the corporate game. Lets put the evildoers back in their place and relinquish our powers. Decalcifying your third eye and join me. Ono started with one, but I wanna walk outta here with at least 2 or 3 are you with me?!?

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